• Reclaim & Recreate

    'Round here, we reckon everything and every soul's got a purpose, and we're fixin' to repurpose items whenever we can. It's the Western way—givin' new life to the old.

  • Fresh Tales

    Each piece we round up carries a tale, one that's weathered by time and one that's waitin' to unfold.

  • Craft & Cultivate

    We hold firm to the notion that self-expression and creativity wear many hats. The Shop Outpost is a labor of creative love, a patch of fertile ground where we sow those seeds, hopin’ it sprouts inspiration for all kinds of other ventures and adventures.

  • Support Our Local Friends

    Here at The Shop Outpost, 6% of every sale heads back to the community. If there's a charity near and dear to your heart, let us know so we can spread the word and support them as we can.

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