Lendin' a Hand, Western Style

At The Shop Outpost, we believe in more than just lookin' good in Western gear. We believe in makin' a difference in the communities we call home and protectin' this great land we roam. That's why we've hitched our wagon to two important promises: supportin' local charities and keepin' our planet wild.

5% for Local Hearts

When you make a purchase at The Shop Outpost you're not just gettin' yourself some fine Western goods; you're givin' back to the folks who make our local communities shine. We're proud to donate 5% of every sale to local charities right here in our neck of the woods. It's our way of givin' a hand up to those who need it most and helpin' our neighbors thrive.

1% for the Planet

The great outdoors is our playground, and we aim to keep it pristine. That's why we're part of the 1% for the Planet community. We pledge to give 1% of our annual sales to organizations fightin' for the preservation of this beautiful land we love. From cleanin' up our trails to protectin' our critters, we're doin' our part to keep the West wild for generations to come.

How We Wrangle Change

  • Shop with Purpose: When you choose The Shop Outpost, you're choosin' to make a difference. Every purchase counts toward our charitable contributions.
  • Local Heroes: We partner with local charities and organizations that are as passionate about our communities as we are. They're the true heroes in our story.
  • Wild Partnerships: Our ties to 1% for the Planet ensure that a slice of every sale goes toward keepin' our planet's heart beatin' strong.

We believe thereโ€™s somethin' powerful about workin' together for a common cause. So whether you're pickin' out a new cowboy hat, a denim jacket, or any of our Western goods, know that you're part of somethin' bigger.

Come on down to The Shop Outpost, where style and compassion ride hand in hand. Thank you for helpin' us make the West a little wilder, a little kinder, and a whole lot more beautiful.