It all started with a wild idea - the notion that doin' somethin' you love can
make a world of difference.

Growin' up in Indianapolis, I was raised on a steady diet of style, vintage finds, and antiques, all thanks to my very broad and eclectic family.  As I inherited cherished clothes and furniture from my grandmothers, I marveled at their craftsmanship and design. I couldn't bear to see 'em end up in a dusty old landfill. That's when I decided to combine my love for style, vintage, and antiques with a deep commitment to sustainability, givin' birth to The Shop Outpost. 

Our mission? To offer unique, handpicked western style pieces that tell stories and make your space feel like home, all while treading lightly on our precious planet.

Our name? Our name carries a piece of history, lassoed from the past. You see, we're proud to be named after my grandmothers' very own establishment, "The Shop." Over 30+ years ago, these remarkable women ran a homegoods and interior design store by that very name.

As a child, I'd visit their shop, baskin' in the warm glow of creativity and style. Now, we've taken up the reins, payin' homage to the powerful, creative businesswomen who paved the way. We reckon they'd be mighty proud of how we're bringin' the old into the new.

So, when you step into The Shop, you're not just walkin' into a store - you're steppin' into a legacy, a love for style, and a nod to our strong roots. So, don your finest cowboy boots and mosey on down, 'cause The Shop Outpost is where style, history, and sustainability ride side by side, and we can't wait to rustle up some treasures with y'all.

Yours Truly,
Taylor Woodard