The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic: A Cousin to The Shop’s Current Garden Party Collection

The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic: A Cousin to The Shop’s Current Garden Party Collection

Originating from Tiktok influencer, Lex Nicoleta, the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic is for anyone “who loves Nancy Meyers movies, coastal vibes, recipes and cooking, Ina Garten, and cozy interiors”. That is us!

Creating a cozy interior during the summertime can be difficult for many of us since we often associate cozy with warmth. But don’t worry, check out our 3 tips for creating a cozy interior during the summer AND some of Coastal Grandmother inspired pieces currently at The Shop to help create that cozy feeling!

3 Tips for Creating Cozy Interiors During the Summer:

  1. Bring outdoor elements inside— using different types of vases to hold fresh or fake flowers/greenery is a great way to make your home feel cozy during the summer season. P.S.If you don’t want to splurge on flowers - use lemons & limes to add a summer twist.
  2. Replace the heavier blankets/throws in your house with lighter weight ones and change out a throw pillow or two with summer colors/patterns! And don’t forget to swap out your sheets for lighter ones.
  3. One of the best parts of summer is that the sun is out for longer and we all get to experience more daylight. With that, overhead lighting can be extra harsh on top of the additional sun rays. Lamps can be a great addition to our homes to help them feel cozy in the summertime. Already using lamps at home? Consider changing out the lampshades to change up your space for the summer season.

Coastal Grandmother Inspired Pieces Currently at The Shop:

Wicker Lounge Set- This wicker lounge set is giving us coastal vibes, cozy, and with the sun hat and pink/blue colors, we can’t help but feel like we're in a Nancy Meyers movie! This set comes with a lounge chair and the small ottoman seen here and would be the perfect addition to a sunroom, porch, patio, or even office!

Sun Hats- The sun hat from the lounge set above is just one of our MANY sun hats that we have for the summer season and the Garden Party collection. It’s the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe so you can continue to live out your Coastal Grandmother and Nancy Meyers movie dreams. Plus, this is only a fraction of the collection we have. 

Lobster and Crab Dishes- These lobster and crab dishes and miscellaneous accessories are the perfect way to incorporate a coastal vibe into your summer, especially if you live in the Midwest or a landlocked state like Colorado. Nothing compares to being able to visit the coast in person, but these dishes are a fun way to bring some of the same vibe into your own home. Plus, who doesn’t love a good excuse to make and have lobster or crab?

Wicker Rocking Chairs- Something about a wicker rocking chair can make everything feel a little more cozy in the summertime. These rocking chairs we currently have give us the Coastal Grandmother vibe in all of the best ways. A rocking chair is a great addition to an outdoor area for summertime joy.

Silk Flowers- Do you love the look of fresh flowers, but you aren’t so great at remembering to buy them every couple of weeks or refresh their water? Our collection of silk flowers are a great way to bring the outdoors inside and are absolutely stunning! These are a great addition to any home, plus they are allergy friendly for those of you who may have seasonal allergies. 

Questions or are you looking for a specific piece? Send us an email at or give us a call at 303.993.4995 and we will happily help you hunt for the perfect piece! Regardless  if it’s Coastal Grandmother or not. 

Our mission is to help change the way we shop and style our lives and that includes our homes.

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